LF201 Electro Cell Fusion Generator

Electro Cell Fusion Generator

  • Fusion of Mammalian Cells
    • hybridoma production for monoclonal antibodies, immuno-therapy, etc.
  • Fusion of Somatic Cell and Egg Cell or Embryonic Cell and Egg Cell
    • somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) for animal cloning
  • Fusino of 2-Cell Blastomeres
    • tetraploid embryos
  • Fusion of Plant Cells/Yeasts
  • Oocyte Activation

        ※LF201 has already been discontinued. 
Please check the ECFG21 electro cell fusion generator,
      our latest and most advanced electroporator. 

LF201 Electro Cell Fusion Generator


LF201 Features

Electric Impedance Measurement
The LF201 easily enables you to measure electric impedance between electrodes.
It makes it possible to find an abnormality before electrofusion start. This greatly enhances reproducibility.

Accurate Square Wave Pulses
The LF201 is designed to output precise square wave pulses.
The accurate square wave pulses bring high efficiency and renproducibility.
Especially an accurate voltage output by 1V resolution setting is important for successful SCNT experiments.

Short AC/DC Switching Time
Switching time from alternate current (AC) ouput to direct current (DC) pulse output is less than 5 microseconds.
The AC is for dielectrophoretic alignment of cells (Pearl Chain).
After the cell alignment, DC square pulses are output for fusion.
Then AC is re-applied for keeping cells together for the rounding off process.
The shorter AC/DC switching time leads to an effective fusion.

A Variety of CUY Series ElectrodesThe LF201 can be used with a variety of electrodes which make it possible to do a wide range of cell fusion experiments.
And custom-made electrodes are easily ordered and available for this LF201 Electro Cell Fusion Instrument. It enables you to realize the experiments which you have actually desired.

Two Kinds of DC Pulses
The LF201 offers two DC pulse modes. A positive (+) square wave only or a bipolar (+/-) square wave.

Two Kinds of  Post Fusions
The LF201  offers two kinds of post fusion It is able to choose a sine wave or fade wave.  


LF201 Specifications

  • AC Pulse
Wave ShapeSine Wave
Voltage0~75V  (Peak to Peak/1V resolution)
Frequency 1MHz
Duration0-100s (1sec resolution)
Post Fusion AC0-10sec (Sine or Fade Wave)
Shunt ResistorGreater than 50 ohm
  • DC pulse
Wave ShapePositive (+) Square Wave Pulse
or Bipolar (+/-) Square Wave Pulse
Voltage0-1,200V (1V resolution)
Pulse Length0-100μs (1μsec resolution)
Pulse Interval0.1-10s (0.1 sec resolution)
Number of Pulses0-100 (Automatic/Manual)


  • Others
Resistance MeasurementUp to 30.00Kohm
Switching Time
Less than 5μs
Memory99 protcols
Windows 2000, Windows XP
Power100~240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions, Weight375W×360D×170H mm , 9kg

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