Programmable Freezer PF-NP-200

Low Running Cost and Liquid Nitrogen-free Benchtop Programmable Freezer

  • Cooling temperature is precisely controlled to maintain high cell viability!
  • Liquid nitrogen, alcohol and cryogen free: Reduced contamination risks!
  • Stand-alone and touch screen operation device without PC

Programmable Freezer PF-NP-200


Cell Freezing

Cell Therapy



Low Running Cost and Liquid Nitrogen-free Benchtop Programmable Freezer

  • Compact and portable
  • High performance, -0.1 to -3°C/min cooling rate with high reproducibility
  • Sample and plate temperature measurement function enables data management by temperature monitoring
  • Stand-alone and touch screen operation device without PC
  • Temperature log can be exported from the freezer in operation via USB stick
  • Compatible with CPC, GMP and isolator environment
  • Freezing block heater: Quick temperature reset of the block for the next freeze cycle
  • Power failure restart function for a quick recovery from a unpredictable power failure
  • Optional power source from an accessory socket in car is available


Accurate Temperature Control and Temperature Monitoring

Fig 1 and 2: Temperature log of the 2mL cryovials and 25 mL cell culture bags
The cryovial and cell bags are freezed almost accordingly to the freezing block. A couple of cell culture bags were stacked, and the freezing results of both bags on top and bottom were almost the same.




Temperature setting range-80℃ ~ room temperature *Freezing block heating function is available.
Freezing rate-0.1℃/min ~ -3℃/min
(For some freezing blocks, the maximum rate is -1℃/min), PDI control
Refrigeration unitStirling cooler *Liquid nitrogen free
Freezing blockFor cryovials (55X 2 ml vial)
For cell culture bags (2X NIPRO F-050)
Temperature Setting and DisplayTouchscreen for setting the cooling profile and temperature monitoring
Log data can be exported as csv. files
SynchronizationUp to 8 units
AccessoriesTemperature sensors and AC adaptor
Input RatingAC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Electricity ConsumptionBelow 200W
Dimensions and Weight340(W) X 366(D) X 466(H) mm, 18 kg

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