NEPA Porator

Ohm Checkable Exponential Decay Wave Electroporator

  • NEPA Porator is a simple and compact electroporator that is compatible with the transformation/transfection of E. Coli, Bacterial cells, Yeasts, Fungi, & Mammalian cells

NEPA Porator


  • Electroporation is generated by delivering an electric pulse(s), and the delivery of the electric pulse(s) at the same voltage and the same current with the same resistance under the ohm’s law is essential for achieving highly reproducible results.

    The NEPA Porator can measure the electric impedance (that is almost equal to resistance) of the sample between the electrodes. Checking the impedance prior to electroporation is greatly helpful for avoiding inconstant electroporation, reviewing electroporation results and performing expected electroporation that will bring desired transformation results.

NEPA Porator exponential decay wave pulse

*Pulse length setting: none

NEPA Porator exponential decay wave pulse *Pulse length

*Pulse length setting: 1.0-5.0 msec


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