Super Electroporator NEPA21 Type II

In Vitro & In Vivo Electroporation

  • High transfection efficiency & viability WITHOUT special buffers
  • For difficult-to-transfect cells such as primary cells, stem cells, immune cells, blood cells, etc.
  • Transfection even into cells IN ADHERENCE
  • Ideal for CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing and more

Super Electroporator NEPA21 Type II



NEPA21 Novel 4-Step Multiple Electroporation Pulse

NEPA21 pulses waveform(x:Time y:Voltage)

The novel 4-step pulse with voltage decay results in

Higher transfection efficiency and higher viability WITHOUT special buffers.

  1. Poring Pulse Mode:
    • higher voltage, shorter duration, multiple pulses, voltage decay
      This poring pulse is for forming pores (small holes) in cell membrane with minimum damage.
  2. Polarity Exchanged Poring Pulse
    • This can be applied to tissue transfection as well.
  3. Transfer Pulse Mode:
    • lower voltage, longer duration, multiple pulses, voltage dcay.
      This transfer pulse is for delivering the target molecules (DNA, RNA, etc.) into cells with minimum damage.
  4. Polarity Exchanged Transfer Pulse
    • This can increase the transfection efficiency.

Comparison with Competitors

Is your lab still using a transfection device that requires expensive disposable kits?
We hear from a lot of researchers that they are not satisfied with its high running cost.

Characteristics Consumables
(Nepa Gene)
New Electroporation
No Special Buffers
Economy Cuvettes
USD 2.00/reaction
Competitor N
(Company L)
and Special Buffers
Special Kits
USD 20.00/reaction
Competitor N
(Company I)
and Special Tips
Special Kits
USD 20.00/reaction

The running cost of NEPA21 is much lower than other transfection devices!


Numerous achievements; in vivo electroporation, zygote electroporation for genome editing and more

NEPA21 can be used not only for cell cultures electroporation, but also for many In Vivo gene transfer applications to animals such as mice and rats including electroporation to zygotes for the production of genetically modified organisms (GMO).
For more details, please click on the target application at the top of this page or contact us.


Check the electric resistance of sample and accurate measurements

In the electric pulses of electroporation, Ohm’s law parameters- ”voltage,” “current,” & “resistance”have a great influence on the experimental results.
It is important for reproducibility the same ”voltage,” ”current,” & ”resistance” every electroporation to obtain stable results of gene transfer.
Because NEPA21 is able to check the accurate ohm measurement, output the voltage, and current measurement functions, it can be control these factors.


NEPA21 also check the Joule measurement of electric pulses. In order to know the details of electric parameters by electroporation, it is able to  to obtain the suitable pulse conditions each application.


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