SonoPore KTAC-4000 Sonoporation System

Sonoporation System

This product has already been discontinued.

SonoPore KTAC-4000 Sonoporation System


Sonopore KTAC-4000 Features

  • In Vivo Transfection
    • into mice/rats:
      brain, spinal cord, retina, cornea, ear, gingiva, salivary gland, lung, liver, kidney, peritonea, spleen, intestine, vessel, arthro, skin, embryos etc.


  • In Ovo Transfection
    • into chick embryos


  • Cell Culture Transfection
    • into Hela, KATOⅢ, MKN-45, CHO, NIH/3T3, HL-60, C1271, T24, Mouse ascites, Rat bladder, PC3, U937 and more

Sonopore KTAC-4000 Features

Flexible Settings

All parameters including frequency, power, duty pulse cycle and burst rate, can be set flexibly.

Real Time Display

The output ultrasound power can be read out in real time.

Exchangeable Probe

The probe with a transducer can be easily changed to another probe with a different-sized transducer.

Frequency-Sweep Function

4 modes (increase, decrease, increase/decrease, decrease/increase) are available.

Combination with Microbubbles

The KTAC-4000 makes it possible to achieve higher transfection efficiency in combination with microbubbles.

Besides, it can target specific cells with the use of special microbubbles such as Targesphere SA (Targeson Inc.).

Transducers for Sonopore KTAC-4000

Plane wave transducers

Plane Wave Transducer, 6mm diameter tip, 1MHz
Plane Wave Transducer, 12mm diameter tip, 1MHz
Plane Wave Transducer, 20mm diameter tip, 1MHz


FUS Transducer



FUS Transducer, 20mm diameter, 2MHz, 20mm focal depth

FUS Transducer, 20mm diameter, 3.5MHz, 20mm focal depth

Frequency500k-5,000kHz (1kH resolution)
*the available frequencies depend on the transducer.
Power (Output)0-5.00W *The actual maximum power varies
depending on the probe. (Setting: 0-60V)
Duty Cycle0-100%
Burst Rate0.5-100.0Hz
Duration0.1-999.9s (Auto) or Manual
Wave Pattern TypeSine or Rectangular
Frequency Sweep FunctionOff or 4 Sweep Patterns
(Increase, Decrease, Increase/Decrease, Decrease/Increase)
Sweep Width
Sweep Interval
Power, Dimensions, Weight100-240V, 320W x 350D x 149H mm, 8kg

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