Sonitron GTS Sonoporation System

Sonoporation and FUS system

  • Non-invasive and low damage
  • Improved efficiency when used in combination with microbubbles
  • Transducers of different sizes are available
  • Focused Ultrasound (FUS) transducers are also available

Sonitron GTS Sonoporation System


Sonitron GTS Applications

  • In Vivo Transfection
    • into mice/rats:
      brain, spinal cord, retina, cornea, ear, gingiva, salivary gland, lung, liver, kidney, peritonea, spleen, intestine, vessel, arthro, skin, embryos etc.
  • In Ovo Transfection
    • into chick embryos
  • Cell Culture Transfection
    • into Hela, KATOⅢ, MKN-45, CHO, NIH/3T3, HL-60, C1271, T24, Mouse ascites, Rat bladder, PC3, U937 and more

Sonitron GTS Features

Safety Transfection

Sonitron GTS is the device which can introduce gene or medicine into cells by means of cavitation generated by ultrasound and there is little damage to the cells. This technique is called “Sonoporation”. Because ultrasound is used in clinical use, the sonoporation method is suitable for research that would be developed for clinical use.

Interchangeable Transducer Module

The transducer module is interchangeable without a calibration work, because the Sonitron GTS can self-calibrate our transducers.

Focused UltraSound (FUS) Reserach

With the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) transducer module, the Sonitron GTS can be used for FUS research.

Combination with Microbubbles

The Sonitron GTS makes it possible to achieve higher transfection efficiency in combination with microbubbles. Besides, it can target specific cells with the use of special microbubbles such as Targesphere SA (Targeson Inc.).

Sonitron GTS Transducer Modules

・A variety of transducer sizes are available. The transducer modules can be easily swapped.


Photos: Plane Wave Transducer Module 3mm diameter tip and Basestation


・Plane Wave Transducers

ST-TM1-6: Plane Wave Transducer Module, 6mm diameter tip, 1MHz
ST-TM1-12: Plane Wave Transducer Module, 12mm diameter tip, 1MHz
ST-TM1-20: Plane Wave Transducer Module, 20mm diameter tip, 1MHz

ST-FM2-20-20: FUS Transducer Module, 20mm diameter, 2MHz, 20mm focal depth
ST-FM3.5-20-20: FUS Transducer Module, 20mm diameter, 3.5MHz, 20mm focal depth

Sonitron GTS Specifications

FrequencyPlane Wave Transducers: 1MHz
HIFU Transducers: 2.2MHz, 3.5MHz
Available range: 800k – 8MHz
Ultrasound IntensityPlane Wave Transducers: 0.01-0.5W/cm2 or 0.1-5W/cm2
HIFU Transducers: 10-200W/cm2 or 100-2000W/cm2
Duty CycleOn: 1~20, Off: 0~20, msec or sec
Treatment time0-20 min
Preset18 preset conditions
Power sourceSetting 1 (default): 100V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, Setting 2: 230V/50Hz
Dimensions, Weight310W x 230D x 140H mm, 5kg

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