Fluorescence Staining of Mammalian Tissue Sections

  • Human retina
  • Mouse brain/heart/liver/kidney/spleen/intestine/skin/oviduct/submandibular gland/adrenal gland/bone marrow/testis/embryo
  • Goat hypothalamus

Fluorescence Staining of Mammalian Tissue Sections


Mouse Brain Sections

Staining signals stay high - Autofluorescence is eliminated

Comparative data of fluorescence staining without treatment, with TiYO™ pretreatment, and with reagent treatment

The TiYO™ (the middle panels) has little effect on the fluorescence signal derived from stains. While the quenching reagent directly reduces the intensity of fluorescent stains.

Increased contrast of signals hidden by autofluorescence

The same imaging conditions and contrast settings were used for all images.



Drug Delivery and Transfection

Electro Cell Fusion

Fluorescent Staining

Single-Cell/Micro-Particle Transfer

Cell Freezing

Mechanical Vibration