ELEPO21 Electroprator

In Vitro High Energy Electroporator

  • ELEPO21 In Vitro High Energy Electroporator
    • Hi Voltage Electroporation Transformation of Bacterial Cells, Fungi, Yeasts, and more. Up to 3,000Volt pulses at millisecond (not microsecond) range can be delivered. Remarkably higher transformation efficiency than traditional electroporation.
    • Low Voltage Electroporatio Transfection of Primary Cell Culture, Mammalian Cells. Plant Cells, and more. High transfection efficiency and high viability without special buffer.
    *This instrument complies with CE marking, UL standard and CSA standard.



Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi
Plant Cells & Algae
Cell Cultures


High Voltage Electroporation

The ELEPO21 In Vitro High-Voltage Electroporator developed by Nepa Gene Co., Ltd. has a unique pulsing system composed of 4-step multiple pulses with decaying, and it can achieve transformation efficiency markedly higher than traditional methods that use a single-step exponential pulse wave in bacteria, yeasts, and fungi.

ELEPO21 Novel 4-Step Multiple Electroporation Pulse

The waveform chart of ELEPO21 pulses (x:Time y:Voltage)

  1. Poring pulse mode:  (Higher voltage・shorter duration・multiple pulses and natural voltage decay)
    This is for forming pores (small holes) in cell membrane with the minimum damage achieved by multiple pulses and natural voltage decay.
  2. Polarity Exchanged Poring Pulse:
    The polarity of Poring Pulse can be reversed.
  3. Transfer Pulse Mode: (Lower voltage・longer duration・multiple pulses and natural voltage decay)
    This is for delivering the target molecules into cells with minimum damage.
  4. Polarity Exchanged Transfer Pulse:
    This can increase the transfection efficiency. 

Comparison with Competitors


TransfectionELEPO21Competitor NCompetitor N
Device(NEPAGENE)(Company L)(Company I(L))
CharacteristicsNew Electroporation
No Special Buffers
Electroporation &
Special Buffers
Electroporation &
Special Tips
Transfection Efficiency★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Cell Viability★★★★★★★★★★★★★
ConsumablesEconomy CuvettesSpecial KitsSpecial Kits
(Disposable Kits)USD 2.40/reactionUSD 25.00/reactionUSD 21.00/reaction
Super Electroporator ELEPO21


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Check the electric resistance of sample and accurate mesurements

In the electric pulses of electroporation, Ohm’s law parameters- ”voltage,” “current,” & “resistance”have a great influence on the experimental results.
It is important for reproducibility the same ”voltage,” ”current,” & ”resistance” every electroporation to obtain stable results of gene transfer.
Because ELEPO21 is able to check the accurate ohm measurement, output the voltage, and current measurement functions, it can be control these factors.


ELEPO21 also check the Joule measurement of electric pulses. In order to know the details of electric parameters by electroporation, it is able to  to obtain the suitable pulse conditions each application.


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