Cuvette Chambers & Cuvette Stand Holder

CU540 & CU500: Cuvette Chambers

  • The CU500 cuvette chamber can be connected to the NEPA21, ELEPO21, Nepa Porator electroporator and used for cell transfection with Nepa Electroporation cuvette.
  • The CU500 cuvette chamber is able to set and take out the cuvette easily.


CU600: Cuvette Stand Holder

  • The CU600 can hold almost all cuvettes such as NEPA cuvette, BioRad Inc., BTX (Harvard Apparatus), etc. for electroporation.
  • The CU600 cuvette stand holder can hold up to 20 electroporation cuvettes; also, this holder is able to hold the bump of cuvette at all directions (up, down, left, & right).

Cuvette Chambers & Cuvette Stand Holder



Cell Cultures
Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi
Plant Cells & Algae


cuvette chamber

CU540 Cuvette Chamber

cuvette chamber

CU500 Cuvette Chamber

cuvette stand holder

CU640 Cuvette Stand Holder

cuvette stand holder

CU600 Cuvette Stand Holder


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