Needle Electrodes/Other Electrodes

In Vivo/Ex Vivo Electrodes for Electroporation

  • Needle & stick types electrodes for In Vivo & In Ovo electroporation
  • The electrodes are suitable for animals & fishes muscle electroporation
  • There are various sizes of electrodes for each application. Please send an inquiry about the suitable electrodes for your experiment.

Needle Electrodes/Other Electrodes



In Vivo Mice/Rats
In Vivo Other Animals


CUY195P0.3 electrode

 CUY195 series: Needle Cover Platinum Electrode

CUY195P0.3 0.3mm, 20mm tip length

CUY195P0.5 0.5mmφ, 20mm tip length

CUY200S electrode

CUY200S Mouse & Rat Adult Brain Electrodes
(Ueda Type)


CUY560-5-0.5 CUY560-10-0.5 electrode

CUY560 series: Parallel Fixed 2 Needle Straight Tip Electrode

CUY560-5-0.5 10mm tip length, 0.5mm diameter, 5mm gap

CUY560-10-0.5 10mm tip length, 0.5mm diameter, 10mm gap

CUY568-4-0.5 electrode

CUY568-4-0.5 Needle electrode, 0.5mmφ ※For muscle

CUY580 Electrode Holder


CUY610 electrode

CUY610P series: Parallel Fixed Platinum Electrode

CUY610P1.5-1 1.5mm gap, 1mm tip length

CUY610P2-1 2mm gap, 1mm tip length

CUY610P2.5-1 2.5mm gap, 1mm tip length

CUY610P4-1 4mm gap, 1mm tip length

CUY611 electrode

CUY611P series: Platinum chopstick electrodes, 2/pkg

CUY611P3-1 3mm bend, 1mm tip length

CUY611P7-2 7mm bend, 2mm tip length

CUY611P7-4 7mm bend, 4mm tip length

CUY611P8-2 8mm bend, 2mm tip length


CUY613 electrodes

CUY613P series: Z-shape chopstick platinum electrodes, 2/pkg

CUY613P1 1mm tip length, 0.3mmφ

CUY613P2 2mm tip length, 0.3mmφ

CUY613P3 3mm tip length, 0.3mmφ

CUY614 CUY615 electrode

CUY614T200 Tungsten Needle Electrode
                         200μm diameter, 5/pkg.

CUY615 Electrode Holder for CUY614T200



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